Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is it getting hot in here?

Most of you (Psycho)babblers saw the picture the other day of the mail I got from someone who was disgusted about something I put on my page.  And because of said post, I was reserved a nice warm seat in hell.  Or the post from a fellow (psycho)babbler that said that I couldn't possibly be a mother or woman at all by the way that I talk and the things I post, only a perverted old man would post the things I do, and that if I indeed was a woman, I could no longer hold the title of a "lady" because of the filth I like to read and write.  Oh my, I really lost sleep over that one ;)

Many of you were shocked or surprised that I get mail like this.  Nowadays, these are so common, I don't even think twice about them.  The more on display you are, of course the more criticism you'll receive.  I get that.  I mean it's just natural to judge someone or criticize them based on what you see.  But, what you don't see is the woman, dare I say LADY, behind the screen.  The wife who sees her hard working husband off to work, than attends to her children all day, while cleaning the house, doing loads of laundry, walking the dog, ETC.  and jumpin on the computer when she gets a chance, to talk to and have fun with (mostly) like minded people.  What's wrong with that?  Nothing.  Yes, some of the things I post may be offensive or dirty, but it is my page.  If you don't like it, don't look at it.  Simple as that :)  Does that warrant name calling or calling ahead to reserve a spot for me with the dear old king of the underworld?  Not really.

What makes me laugh is that A LOT of these emails come from God fearing men and women who, in like the picture above, fear for how I live my life, and where I'll end up, because THEY don't like what I'm doing.  What are they doing, judging, which from what I learned was frowned upon.  I highly doubt that when my time comes, to be judged, that God (or whoever you believe in, or don't believe in, hey what do I care?) is going to pull up my Facebook page and say, "Well, I really don't like this picture you posted back in October of 2011... You're denied entrance, you'll have to take that stairway over there to where you belong.  Thanks."  I mean really?  What I think is that deep down, they are just not happy with where they are in life, and want to cast harsh judgement on those that they deem inappropriate, or offensive, when they could just look away.

Another question that pops up in my head is, in this day and age, what is considered a "lady"?  What do you consider a lady?  I think a lady stays classy, but still says what is on her mind without worry of offending people.  Who says a lady can't joke around and say things that are dirty.  Let me break it for you guys, if you didn't know already.  Women, and ladies, talk about things you men talk about as well.     For some reason though, when it's broadcast people try to act like they are offended when you know dang well that they probably would joke around with someone about that exact subject had it been in the privacy of their own home.  That's all I'm doing, and all you amazing (Psycho)babblers, well most of you anyways, have welcomed me into your homes, so we can chat and joke, and just have a fun time.  I love being able to get on and talk to you guys, vent with you, joke, and sometimes even shed a tear with you and what's going on.  I have gotten to know many of you like friends and can't wait to see what's going on in your day to day lives.  When I started The (Psycho)babbling Mommy, I thought it was just a fun little page for some friends of mine to come and we could post things without having to worry about offending parents/grandparents/boyfriends/girlfriends/etc.  I never imagined it would turn into a page with over 19,000 people all coming together to laugh, and help each other out when questions do arise.  As you've seen with many of the questions, we are NOT in the 1940's and 50's anymore, women want to know, and should be able to ask any question they want to know the answers to without having to worry that she'll look like "less of a lady".  ;)  Even some men have written in with great questions!  It's really awesome we can all just help each other out without a whole lot of judgement.  Once in a while we get a troll who criticizes and puts people down, but you guys blow em out of the water and get back to the subject at hand. :)

I want to say thank you to all you (Psycho)babblers who log on and hang out with me and my crazy page.  You guys have truly been an inspiration and why I love to sign on.  For every hate letter I get, there are 25 more behind it that are supportive.  So thank you guys for all you do, and for making the page what it is. :) You're the best.  And if we are indeed judged by what we think is hilarious and what we talk about, than whoever beats me there, save me a seat and a cocktail!! ;)  XOXO


  1. I think it is hilarious that people think that just because a woman has a "perverted mind" she can't be a lady. I grew up with 6 brothers and all male cousins, of course I have a perverted mind. That doesn't mean though that I can't raise my children "right" and be a good wife. Anyone that thinks otherwise has no sense of humor in my opinion. Keep doing what you do (Psycho)Babbling Mommy, those of us with a sense of humor love it!!!

  2. Yes, let's stop fighting over who created the earth and should deal with who is destroying it. And live your life how it makes you happy. judge not lest Ye be judged, right churchies???

  3. Love your FB page and your writing and I'm very glad to see your blog. Post it often so others can tune in. I only just saw it with your most recent post on 1/27/13. Keep up the great work and never change! Lia <3